Terms and conditions


ART. 1 - Purposes and manifesto of the competition

The Cultural Association MoCA announces the outdoor sculpture prize "ScoglieraViva. Sculpting the Sea" on behalf of the Municipality of Caorle. The Prize is aimed at enhancing the town of Caorle and especially the cliff dividing the Adriatic sea from the town center. The contest, now in its 20th edition, aims to enrich Caorle's heritage by transforming the cliff into a veritable open-air contemporary art gallery, whose changes will be given by time and natural agents. The purpose of the competition is to further enrich "ScoglieraViva. Sculpting the Sea" through the creation of works of art carved on the large rocks of Euganean trachyte posed to defend the town and curb the waves of the sea.

ART. 2 - Duration

The competition is open from 15 March to 17 May 2021.

ART. 3 - Eligibility

The competition is open to sculptors from Italy and from all over the world, with no age or sex restrictions of any kind.

ART. 4 - Theme and scope of intervention

The theme is free. Each artist can choose the subject and the theme to be proposed for the enhancement of the cliff "ScoglieraViva. Sculpting the Sea" in Caorle considering that the winning artists will have to sculpt the proposed work directly on the Euganean trachyte rocks and that each sculpture can occupy a surface of about 1 - 2 square meters.

ART. 5 - Terms of participation

Each artist can present his/her own project for a work to be carved on the cliff of Caorle. The project must be accompanied by at least 1 sketch in scale and a descriptive text that specifies the intervention techniques on the trachyte boulders and the meaning of the work. The artist's curriculum vitae and a portfolio of additional works are also required.

ART. 6 - Jury

The selection of the submitted projects will be made by an Awarding Jury consisting of 3 prestigious names in the Contemporary Art scene:

- Michelangelo Galliani (Italy, Reggio Emilia | Professor and Sculptur)
- Danilo Premoli (Italy, Milan | Architect and Designer)
- Pietro Valle (Italy, Milan | Architect)

The jury will select the 3 winning artists who will have to implement the project submitted in the town of Caorle during the event "Scogliera Viva. Sculpting the Sea". The time to complete the work is 9 days, from 17 June to 26 June 2021.

ART. 7 - Nature and value of the prizes

The competition will award 3 cash prizes of 2,000 euro to each of the 3 winning artists selected by the awarding jury. The cash prizes will be awarded by the Municipality of Caorle, in the week after the awards ceremony, via bank transfer on the bank account.
For each of the 3 winning artists board and lodging are included (only for the winning artist, any accompanying persons are at their own expenses) for the entire period of stay in the town of Caorle, from 17th to 26th June 2021, for the creation of the work on site. Each artist must bring his/her own equipment. The following will be supplied: compressor, on request, and electric current.

ART. 8 - Registration

Participation in the contest is free of charge.
Artists can register by May 17th, 2021 using one of the following methods:
1) On-line: by filling in the registration form on the website >
2) By mail: by sending the following materials in a sealed envelope to the Competition Organization c/o Arte Laguna, via Roma 29/a 31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV):
the application form that can be downloaded here, the document with the technical description of the project and the meaning of the work, at least one sketch of the work to be submitted, a brief biographical statement, a dossier consisting of at least 3 sculptures already made. This documentation (including photos) will not be returned.

ART. 9 - The event "ScoglieraViva. Sculpting the Sea"

The winning works will be presented to the public on the occasion of the event "ScoglieraViva. Sculpting the Sea" to be held on the evening of 26 June 2021 in the town center of Caorle.

ART. 10 – Responsibilities

The Cultural Association MoCA and the Municipality of Caorle decline any responsibility for any thefts, fires or damages of any kind, to the works or persons, that may occur during all the stages of the event.

ART. 11 – Agreement

The decisions of the Awarding Jury are final and unappealable. Each candidate gives the Cultural Association MoCA and the Municipality of Caorle, without any compensation, the rights of reproduction, exhibition, publication, translation and communication to the public, in any way and without exception, for their own works and for the descriptive texts submitted to the contest. The Cultural Association MoCA and the Municipality of Caorle, in full respect of the moral copyright law, will exercise these rights for all the institutional communication activities related to the competition. Each candidate expressly authorizes the Cultural Association MoCA, the Municipality of Caorle, as well as their direct delegates, to process the personal data transmitted pursuant to Privacy Law and the European Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), also for the purpose of inclusion in databases managed by the aforementioned subjects. The works created, due to their intrinsic nature, will remain the property of the Municipality of Caorle. Projects that are not selected will not be used in any way and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Participation in the Prize implies the knowledge and total acceptance of these Terms.

Date: March 15th, 2021